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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Motor speed monitors and control system using GSM modem

              The purpose of  this project   is  to control   the speed and direction of  DC Motor  using Microcontroller and GSM Modem with password protection.    This uses a PWM  Pulse Width Modulation) technique to control the speed of motor from 0% to 100%. The   speed   of   the  motor   is  measured   using   contact-less   speed  measurement technique.  Speed control is done using PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) method.    User can  send SMS messages   to  control   the  motor   speed  and direction. A GSM modem attached to the control unit handles automatic SMS sending and receiving process.   As this monitoring and controlling can be done by any mobile phone, we provided a security feature by implementing password-based protection. User has to send the password along with the commands to be controlled.

           GSM Modem connected to microcontroller unit is used to control the motor and know the motor live speed. Microcontroller automatically reads the SMS messages stored in the SIM card and takes necessary action like speed control, direction control etc. There will be a particular code that needs to be sent through SMS to set the speed and get the speed from the DC motor  

Features of this project:
1. Remote monitoring and controlling of DC motor.
2. Can be operated from anywhere in the world.
3. Reliable for industrial and domestic needs.
4. Automatic remote speed measurement.

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