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Thursday, 12 January 2012


.Reference current computation for active power filters by running dfttechniques201050.Research on three-level static synchronous compensator

Ripple current reduction of a fuel cell for a single-phase isolated converterusing a dc active filter with a center tap

Simulation of four quadrant operation & speed control of bldc motor onmatlab / Simulink 201053.Single-phase ac–ac converter based on quasi-z-source topology(PEDS)

Single-phase hybrid active power filter using single switchparallel activefilter and simple passive filter201055.Single-phase to three-phase drive system using two parallel single-phaserectifiers

Super capacitors and battery power management for hybrid vehicleApplications using multi boost and full bridge converters

Torque ripple reduction in direct torque control of induction machines byuse of all voltage vectors of matrix converters

Vector controlled pmsm drive based on fuzzy speed controller

Voltage security analysis of power systems under deregulation

Wind farm to weak-grid connection using upqc custom power device

.A Single-Phase Voltage-Controlled Grid-Connected Photovoltaic SystemWith Power Quality Conditioner Functionality

.A Control Methodology and Characterization of Dynamics for aPhotovoltaic (PV) System Interfaced With a Distribution Network

.A New Proposal for Power Quality and Custom Power Improvement:OPEN UPQC

A Simplified Space -Vector PWM for Three Level Inverters Applied toPassive and Motor Load

A variable speed, sensor less, induction motor using dc link measurement

A Versatile Control Scheme for a Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power-Quality Improvement200967.An Improved UPFC Control for Oscillation Damping

Analysis and Control of Buck-Boost Chopper Type AC Voltage Regulator200969.Analytical Modeling of a Square Wave Controlled Cascaded MultilevelSTATCOM

Characteristics of the Magnetic Energy Recovery Switch (MERS) as aSeries FACTS Controller

Constant Power Control and Fault-Ride-Through Enhancement of DFIGWind Turbines with Energy Storage

Design and analysis of dynamic voltage restorer for deep voltage sag andharmonic compensation (IETGTD)

Design of a Modular UPQC Configuration Integrating a ComponentsEconomical Analysis

Development of Hybrid Active Power Filter Based on the Adaptive FuzzyDividingFrequency-Control Method

Direct Power and Torque Control for Three-level NPC Based PWMac/dc/ac Converter

DoubleFrequency Buck converter

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Power Systems Based onRenewable Energy

Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based on Flying Capacitor MultilevelConverters Operated by Repetitive Control

Harmonic Analysis and Improvement of a New Solid-State Fault CurrentLimiter

Impact of TCSC on enhancing power system stability

Modeling and Real-Time Simulation of Non-Grid-Connected Wind EnergyConversion System

Modeling of FACTS Devices Based on SPWM VSCs200983.MultiConverter Unified Power-Quality Conditioning System: MC-UPQC

.New multivariable dynamic model & robust control of a Voltage SourceConverter for power systemapplication

New Resonant Pole Inverter for BatteryFed Brushless DC Motor Drive

Operation and control of single phase micro-sources ina utility connectedgrid

Optimal placement of shunt connected facts devices in a series compensatedlong transmission line (WCE)

Optimization of PI coefficients in DStatcom non linear controller forregulating dc voltage using Generic Algorithm

Optimum Space Vector Computation Technique for Direct Power Control

Output Feedback Control of Single-Phase UPQC Based on a Novel Model

PMSM speed sensor less direct torque control based on EKF

.Reduced rating VSC with a Zig-Zig transformer for current compensationin three phase four wire distribution system

Seven-Level Shunt Active Power Filter forHigh-Power Drive Systems

.Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using Hysteresis VoltageControl(EJSR)

Soft computing techniques for the control of an active powerfilter

.Space Vector Method for VoltageDips and Swells Analysis

Study on a Novel Hybrid Active Power Filter Applied to a High-VoltageGrid

.The use of facts devices in distributed power systems-modeling ,interfacecase study(IJCEE)

Transient stability control of TCSC


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