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Thursday, 12 January 2012


Power System Voltage Regulation via STATCOM Internal Nonlinear Control

Predictive Current Control Implementation in the Sensor less Induction Motor Drive

Primary-Side-Converter-Assisted Soft-Switching Scheme for an AC/AC Converter in aCyclo converter-Type High-Frequency-Link Inverter

Quasi-Z-Source-Based Isolated DC/DC Converters for Distributed Power Generation

Reliable, effective and efficient operation of dg source for power flow control incoordination with main utility network at common load bus using static device(WSEAS)

Real-Time Coordination of Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging in Smart Grids toMinimize Power Losses and Improve Voltage Profile

Reducing THD in hybrid multilevel inverter with varying voltage steps under spacevector modulation(EJSR)

Reversing the Power Flow in the Looped Electrical Distribution Network by Using aCascaded H-bridge D-SSSC

Simple Low-Cost Hysteretic Controller for Multiphase Synchronous Buck Converters

Simplified fuzzy control for flux-weakening speed control of IPMSM drive(HINDAWIPUBLISHING CORPORATION)

Simulation and analysis of a multilevel converter topology for solar PV-based gridconnected inverter(SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH)

Simulation Single Phase Shunt Active Filter Based on p-q technique usingMATLAB/Simulink Development Tools Environment

Single-Phase Seven-Level Grid-Connected Inverter for Photovoltaic System
SmartPark as a Virtual STATCOM

Space vector PWMscheme for three level inverters based on two-level space vector PWM(IJPSOEM)

Speed control of switched reluctance motor using fuzzy sliding mode

Synchronous-Reference-Frame-Based Control Method for UPQC Under Unbalanced andDistorted Load Conditions

TCSC Damping controller design based on Selflearning fuzzy controller Techniques

THD Reduction in Performance of Multi-Level Inverter fed Induction Motor Drive

Three-Arm AC Automatic Voltage Regulator

Transient Response of a Wind Energy Conversion System Used as Active Filter

Transient Stability Enhancement in Power System with Distributed Static SeriesCompensator (DSSC)

transmission line stability improvement using TCSC ( IJAEST)

Two-Stage MPPT Power Regulator for Satellite Electrical Propulsion System

Unified Power Quality Conditioner (UPQC) Control using Feed Forward (FF)/ FeedBack (FB) Controller

UPQC-S: A Novel Concept of Simultaneous Voltage Sag/Swell and Load ReactivePower Compensations Utilizing Series Inverter of UPQC

Using active power filters to improve power quality

Voltage stability improvement using series facts devices(AJBAS)

11-level inverter using less number of switches(IJEST)

A 28-pulse ac-dc converter based SMPSfor telecom power supply (be press)2010147.A fuzzy rule-based approach for islanding detection in distributed generation

A high performance induction motor drive system using fuzzy logic controller2010149.A high-power-factor single-stage single-switch electronic ballast for compactfluorescent lamps

A hybrid system based approach to direct torque control (DTC) of inductionmotors2010151.A new 84-pulse VSCconfiguration using multi-level dc voltage reinjection for especial applications

A new adaptive fuzzy vector control for permanent magnet synchronous motor drive2010153.A novel three-phase to five-phase transformation using a special transformer connection

.A real time power system harmonic estimator considering fundamental frequencyvariations (BEPRESS)2010155.A three-phase interleaved dc–dc converter with active clamp for fuel cells

.A voltage controlled adjustable speed PMBLDCM drive using a single-stage PFChalf-bridge converter 2010157.An efficient ac–dc step-up converter for low-voltage energy harvesting

.An inrush mitigation technique of load transformers for the series voltage sagcompensator 2010159.An online simplified rotor resistance estimator for induction motors

.Ann-based svc switching at distribution level for minimal-injectedharmonics2010161.APFfor harmonic voltage resonance suppression in distribution system

Comparison of modulation techniques for matrix converter(IACSIT)

.Control circuit for active power filter with an instantaneous reactive power control algorithm modification2010164.Control of active filter in 25kv ac traction systems

Control scheme of cascaded h-bridge STATCOMusing zero-sequence voltageand negative-sequence current

.Design and implementation of a current-source converter for use in industryapplications of D-STATCOM

Design of a 28 v-to-300 v/12 kw multicell interleaved fly back converter usingintercell transformers

Design of a hybridPID plus fuzzy controller for speed control of inductionmotors


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