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Thursday, 12 January 2012


A novel DFACTS device for the improvement of power quality of the supply

Active power filter based on cascaded transformer multilevel inverter (IJAEST)

A Dynamic Voltage Restorer Equipped With a High-Frequency Isolated DC–DCConverter

A Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid and Its Coordination Control

A Modified C-Dump Converter for BLDC Machine Used in a Flywheel Energy StorageSystem

A New Approach to Multifunctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer Implementation for Emergency Control in Distribution Systems

A New Method for Islanding Detection of Inverter-Based Distributed Generation UsingDC-Link Voltage Control.

A new method for power quality improvement in classical ac/ac voltage controllers usingPWMtechnique

A new multilevel inverter topology using less number of switches(IJEST)

A novel approach in soft starting of large induction motors(AJBAS)

A NovelBVC-RBF Neural Network Based System Simulation Model for SwitchedReluctance Motor

A Novel Duty Cycle Control Strategy to Reduce Both Torque and Flux Ripples for DTCof Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Drives With Switching Frequency Reduction

A novel induction motor speed estimation using neuro –fuzzy(ICCSS)

A Novel Power Quality Compensator for Negative sequence and Harmonic Currents inHigh-speed Electric Railway

A Seven-Level Inverter Topology for Induction Motor Drive Using Two-Level Invertersand Floating Capacitor Fed H-Bridges

A Shunt Active Power Filter With Enhanced Performance Using ANN-Based Predictiveand Adaptive Controllers

A Simple Method to Reduce Torque Ripple in Direct Torque-Controlled Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor by Using Vectors With Variable Amplitude and Angle

A single phase five level inverter for grid connected photovoltaic system by employingPIDcontroller(AJSR)

A Single-Stage Three-Phase Photovoltaic System With Enhanced Maximum Power Point Tracking Capability and Increased Power Rating

A Three-Phase Current-Fed Push–Pull DC–DC Converter With Active Clamp for FuelCell Applications

A Transformer less Medium-Voltage STATCOM Topology Based on Extended Modular Multilevel Converters

A Versatile Control Scheme for UPQC for Power Quality Improvement

An Adaptive-Filter-Based Torque-Ripple Minimization of a Fuzzy-Logic Controller for Speed Control of IPM Motor Drives

An Advanced Modulation Technique for the Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Used As AShunt Active Power Filter

An hybrid multi level inverter based DSTATCOM control(MJEE)

An Improved Maximum Power Point Tracking for Photovoltaic Grid-Connected Inverter Based on Voltage-Oriented Control

An SVPWM-Based Switching Pattern for Stand-Alone and Grid-Connected Three-PhaseSingle-Stage Boost Inverters

Analysis and Simplification of Three-Dimensional Space Vector PWM for Three-PhaseFour-Leg Inverters

Analysis of the variation effect of induction machine parameters for VECTORIALcontrols(CJEEE)

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