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Thursday, 12 January 2012

engineerig project topics

An Analytic Model for Fault Diagnosis in Power Systems Considering Malfunctionsof Protective Relays and Circuit Breakers

Fault-Location System for Multiterminal Transmission Lines

A Fuzzy Rule-Based Approach for Islanding Detection in Distributed Generation4.

A Novel Three-Phase to Five-Phase Transformation Using a Special TransformerConnection5.

High-Efficiency Voltage Regulator for Rural Networks6.

Optimized Modulation for AC±DC Harmonic Immunity in VSC HVDCTransmission7.

Optimal Capacitor Placement and Sizing in Unbalanced Distribution Systems WithHarmonics Consideration Using Particle Swarm Optimization8.

Design of a Mode Decoupling STATCOM for Voltage Control of Wind-DrivenInduction Generator Systems9.

A Power-Quality Index to Assess the Impact of Voltage Harmonic Distortions andUnbalance to Three-Phase Induction Motors10.

Power-Management Strategies for a Grid-Connected PV-FC Hybrid System11.

Optimal location and control of shunt FACTS for transmission of renewable energyin large power systems12.

Wind Farm to Weak-Grid Connection using UPQC custom power device13.

Enhancement of power quality in distribution system using D-STATCOM14.

Research on three-level static synchronous compensator15.

Control Scheme of Cascaded H-Bridge STATCOM Using Zero-Sequence Voltageand Negative-Sequence Current16.

Instantaneous power control of D-STATCOM with consideration of power factorcorrection17.

A new 84-pulse VSC configuration using multi-level DC voltage reinjection forespecial applications18.

Non Linear Control of STATCOM19.

A High Performance Induction Motor Drive System Using Fuzzy Logic Controller20.

An Online Simplified Rotor Resistance Estimator for Induction Motors21.

Design of a hybrid PID plus fuzzy controller for speed control of induction motors22.

Design on Vector Control System of AC Motor for Hybrid Electric Vehicles23.

A hybrid system based approach to Direct Torque Control (DTC) of inductionmotors24.

Vector controlled PMSM drive based on fuzzy speed controller25.

Design of controller for PMSM

Single-phase hybrid active power filter using single switch parallel active filter andsimple passive filter27.

Implementation and Control of an Hybrid Multilevel Converter with Floating DC-links for Current Waveform Improvement28.

Harmonic elimination in single phase systems by means of a hybrid series activefilter (HSAF)29.

APF for harmonic voltage resonance suppression in distribution system30.

Dynamic DC-bus voltage control strategies for a three-phase high power shuntactive power filter31.

Control circuit for active power filter with an instantaneous reactive power controlalgorithm modification32.

A hybrid system based approach to Direct Torque Control (DTC) of inductionmotors33.

Torque ripple reduction in direct torque control of induction machines by use of allvoltage vectors of matrix converters34.

Novel Direct Torque Control Based on Space Vector Modulation With AdaptiveStator Flux Observer for Induction Motors35.

Improved Fault-Location System for Railway Distribution System UsingSuperimposed Signal36.

Input-Output Linearization and Robust Sliding-Mode Controller for the VSC-HVDC Transmission Link 37.

ANN-Based SVC Switching at Distribution Level for Minimal-Injected Harmonics38.

Reference Current Computation for Active Power Filters by Running DFTTechniques39.

Dynamic Hysteresis Current Control to Minimize Switching for Three-Phase Four-Leg VSI Topology to Compensate Nonlinear Load40.

Design and Implementation of a Current-Source Converter for Use in IndustryApplications of D-STATCOM41.

Design of a 28 V-to-300 V/12 kW Multicell Interleaved Flyback Converter UsingIntercell Transformers42.

Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a Fast Dynamic Control Schemefor Capacitor-Supported Interline DVR 43.

Effects of Switching Asymmetry on an Isolated Full-Bridge Boost Converter44.

A High-Power-Factor Single-Stage Single-Switch Electronic Ballast for CompactFluorescent Lamps45.

A Three-Phase Interleaved DC±DC Converter With Active Clamp for Fuel Cells46.

Flexible Power Electronic Transformer


Single-Phase AC±AC Converter Based on Quasi-Z-Source Topology48.

An Inrush Mitigation Technique of Load Transformers for the Series Voltage SagCompensator


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