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Friday, 2 December 2011

Smart Fan: A Human Tracking Fan System

The two PIR sensors are separated in the middle. The purpose of this is to separate the sensors’ field of view.

When a sensor detects the right amount of infra-red light a comparator output goes high. We use the microcontroller to generate an interrupt on the comparator’s rising edge. The interrupt then signals a task that begins rotating the platform’s motor. The rotation is clockwise if the left sensor has detected a person or counter clockwise if the right sensor has detected a person. Once the fan is directed at the person’s location, there is just enough infra-red light in the second sensor’s field of view to trigger its comparator. This generates an interrupt that signals a task to either stop or redirect the motor, depending on the setting. At this point the customer is nice and cool without exerting any effort.

An example of the fan’s operation is illustrated in the block diagram below.


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