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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Structural and thermal analysis of gas turbine casing

as Turbine is a rotary engine, which converts the energy of hot gases into mechanical energy. The hot flue gasses at high pressure and high temperature expand in the turbine section to produce mechanical work. Turbine casing (shell) controls the axial and radial positions of the shrouds and nozzles.

It determines Turbine clearances and relative positions of the nozzles to the Turbine buckets. This positioning is critical to Gas Turbine performance.

The main objective of the present investigation is to analyze the temperature distribution, stresses developed throughout the casing by using FEM. In this project thermal analysis at steady state, thermal and structural analysis and optimization of casing are carried out. Thermal and structural analysis on casing is carried out with increased gas temperatures than the existing operating conditions.


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