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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Design and analysis of crank shaft 4s S.I engine

In this project we designed and analyzed a crankshaft of 4-stroke S.I engine using “Ansys”, which is software, which works on the basis of finite element method.

Firstly, we created a solid model of the crankshaft using designing software “PRO/E”. Then the model is imported into Ansys and analyzed by applying necessary conditions, which were considered in designing it and then checked for the strength and life. The specifications required for the design are taken from the drafted design.

The results were found in the analysis of the crankshaft, the design is found out to produce more stresses and some modifications were done to the design and again it is analyzed and the stresses developed were lesser when compared to the previous design.

The engine, which is used, is a four-stroke S.I engine. It is a twin cylinder multi utility engine. It is a horizontal shaft engine. The cylinder volume of the engine is 196cc and it is used in cold countries for snow cutting purpose. It is also used for grass cutting.


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