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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Design and analysis of piston 4s S.I engin

The project “DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF 4-STROKE S.I. ENGINE PISTON” is about designing the piston according to the forces acting on it from the gases, which are released during the combustion.

The piston head acts as a particular case and hence the piston is analyzed for the stresses developed due to the conditions.

At first, the piston is designed according to the specifications. After the designing, the model is subjected to certain conditions. According to the conditions we have checked the stresses acting on it and checked the failures of the model. After the analyzing the changes are done to the model if required.

In the analysis a model of piston is generated using Pro/E. the finite element model of the piston is generated using Ansys. It is applied with loads and boundary conditions. Thus solved for the engine response.

The result are calculated and tabulated below and the stresses acting on the body are shown.


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