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Thursday, 12 August 2010


The rollers used in rice mill are also called as friction rollers. The use of these rollers is to remove the husk from the rice. In practice, there will be two rollers which rotate in opposite direction. The paddy flows between these rollers and separates the husk and rice. During this separation a high amount of the friction is induced in these rollers. Due to this friction the rollers have a chance of breakage at exactly the center of the roller. The maximum life of these rollers is not more than two to seven days.

The present work is carried out to overcome these problems. We approach the problems in two ways to increase the life of the rollers and strength of the rollers. Since these rollers have a circular cross section and more number of boundary conditions, which analytical methods fail to analyze. Hence, we employed numerical methods which provide an approximate, but acceptable solution. Finite Element Method technique is applied for boundary value problems and it is integrated with high speed digital computer and to analyze complex domain with relative ease.

For this analysis component is modeled in PRO/E, which is then imported to HYPERMESH for attaining the pre- processing and then it is exported to ANSYS for analyzing structural, linear and rotational stress analysis.


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