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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Final Year Project download

Design of Intranet Mail System


Development of a Distributed Systems Simulator for Event Based Middleware

A Smart phone Application to remotely a PC over the internet

Network Protocol Verification Using Linear Temporal Logic

Virtual Routing Network Emulation Frame Work

A Multihoming Solution for effective load balancing

Implementing a Linux Cluster

Improving the efficiency of Memory Management in Linux by Efficient Page Replacement Policies.

Experimenting with Code Optimizations on SUIF (Stanford University Intermediate Format)

Intranet Caching Protocol

A DBMS with SQL Interpreter

Developing an Organically Growing Peer to Peer Network

Analysis of Routing Models in Event Base Middlewares

Analysis of Event Models in Event based Middle ware

Integration of Heterogeneous Databases Into XML Format with Translator

Information Management and Representation Using Topic Maps

Face Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks

Video Conferencing with Multicast Support

Collaborative Span Filtering Using Centralized Incrementally Learning Spam Rules Database

Implementing an “Open Cry Auction Server”

Hierarchical Data Back Up

Automated Generation of Cycle Level Simulators for Embedded Processors.


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