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Monday, 3 June 2013


The aim of the project is to move a robotic arm to pick and place a particular object. The system can also record a path in its memory and move in this predefined path. This project consists of a microcontroller section and mechanical section. The microcontroller section stores a program that controls the movements of the robotic arm. The arm consists of some motors for the movements of robot.

A robot is a mechanical arm, a manipulator designed to perform many different tasks and capable of repeated, variable programming. To perform its assigned tasks, the robot moves parts, objects, tools, and special devices by means of programmed motions and points. The robotic arm performs motions in space. Its function is to transfer objects or tools from point to point, as instructed by the controller.

            Robot has a motor- driven mechanical arm and a brain in the form of a computer or a microcontroller that controls its movement. The microcontroller stores in its memory a program detailing the course the arm follows. When the program is run, the controller sends signals activating the motors which move the arm and the load at the end of the arm, which is held under control by the end effector. The controller is that part of the robot which operates the mechanical arm and maintains contact with its environment. The device is a computer composed of hardware and software, combined to enable it to carry out its assigned tasks.
            The amount and rate of movement are regulated exactly by the controller. The program moves the arm through a series of points. At some of these points, the end effector is activated to grip or release an object, use a tool, or do what is required. Attached to the end of the arm is an end effector, used by the robot to carry out its assigned task. End effectors vary according to the job at hand.


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