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Friday, 2 December 2011

PWM Control Of DC Series Motor In Electric Vehicle

Nowadays it is common to see motion controls in large number of industrial and domestic applications, such as traction, rolling mills, paper machines, textile mills, fan, pumps, robots, etc. Systems employed for motion control are called as drives. These drives are used to produce translational, rotational or both. The drives employing electric motors are known as electric drives. For traction purpose an electric motor is used to drive the vehicle. They are of two types, ac and dc drives.Electric drives are widely used because they have flexible control characteristics. They are available in wide range of torque, speed and power. They do not pollute the environment. Drives can be provided with automatic fault detection system to control the drive operation in a desired sequence. The main objective of this project is to design a DC drive for driving an electric vehicle. For this we had to select a DC motor, battery, speed regulating circuit. Pre hand of this we had to design a mechanical model that resembles a car. The design is of primary importance. The rating of all the project components depends on this model. Hence this model can be developed into a commercial vehicle if the rating of motor, battery and controller is so designed to satisfy the requirements of the vehicle in need.


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