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Friday, 2 December 2011

Automatic Power Management SystemAutomatic Power Management System

The need and vitality of power management systems in large industries, where electrical connections will be on a contract basis, has become a matter of prime importance, mainly because of the electricity billing system, where they have to pay a particular amount for a predefined usage quantity. In the electricity billing system, the reading at a particular instant shows the amount of power usage in the entire firm at that instant. If in some instant, the total usage goes above the contract quantity, the industry will have to pay a huge amount for the additional usage. Hence they have to prevent such extra usage. But if the wattmeter reading is within the predefined value, the industry needs to pay only the specified amount. No additional charge is taken from them. Thus power has become one of the major crisis of the modern world. Automatic Power Management System limits this major crisis of power in the modern world to a certain extent by the efficient use of power & eliminating power wastage. In this system, the unnecessary power usages by the low priority devices is cut down and thereby reduce the electricity bills. The electricity bill will be limited to the predefined usage charge only. No huge additional amount is to be paid when using automatic power management system.This is a very simple and efficient means by which the electricity bills in the industries can be limited.


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