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Friday, 27 May 2011

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Project Ideas

1. Load scheduling using artificial neural networks
2. Load-flow analysis by artificial neural networks
3. Power system fault detection using wave let transforms and probabilistic neural networks
4. Automatic generation control using artificial neural networks and other AI techniques
5. Load frequency control of two area power system using artificial neural networks
6. Short term load forecasting using artificial neural networks
7. Power system stabilizer based on artificial neural networks
8. Load scheduling using
9. Speed control of D.C motor using fuzzy logic
10. Short term load forecasting using fuzzy logic, neuro fuzzy
11. Efficiency optimization of induction motor using fuzzy logic
12. Automatic generation control using fuzzy logic and other AI techniques
13. Improvement in dynamic response of dc and ac motors using fuzzy logic
14. Simulation of vector controlled scheme for speed control of induction motor drive using fuzzy logic controller
15. Load scheduling using genetic algorithm
16. Speed control of dc motor using fuzzy logic and implemented by 8051 micro controller
17. Identification and control of induction motor using artificial neural networks
18. Design of artificial neural networks for fault detection of induction motor
19. Mathematical modeling and simulation analysis of slip power recovery drive
20. Transient analysis of induction motor using matlab
21. Induction motor stator resistance estimation
22. Design and reliability analysis of power converter for programming interface of ECM
23. Graphical user interface based visual display of operation and performance of a 3 phase induction motor
24. Automatic control of distribution generation system
25. Improvement in dynamic response of dc and ac motors with pid controller
26. Load balancing and power factor correction by using active power filter
27. Simulation analysis of three phase 6/4 switched reluctance motor
28. Performance of PMBLDC motor
29. Chaos- study analysis 30 Adaptive controllers design for permanent magnet linear synchronous motor control system
30. Design of power system stabilizer using pole placement design
31. Performance analysis of unified power flow controller
32. Unified power flow controller (UPFC) based damping controllers
33. Sensor less control of induction motor using adaptive, state space and kalman filter method
34. Evaluation of transmission losses in radial distribution system
35. Allocating the costs of reactive power purchased in an ancillary service market by modified y bus matrix method
36. Optimal placement of capacitor banks in radial distribution netowrks using microgenetic algorithm and fuzzy logic
37. Load flow study of a upfc embedded system
38. Tuning of pid controllers in automatic generation control
39. Load-flow analysis by
40. Augmented load flow analysis
41. AC/DC load flow studies
42. Modeling and simulation of static synchronous series compensator (sssc)
43. D- STATCOM in distribution network for voltage / power factor control
44. Voltage sag mitigation techniques by distribution static compensator and dynamic voltage restorer (DVR and D-STATCOM)
45. integral starter generator (isg)
46. Solution to sparse linear equations and its applications to fast decoupled load flow solution analysis using c and c++
47. Computer applications to power systems- a load flow analysis
48. Intelligent techniques for robust self tuning controllers
49. Design of fuzzy logic controller using neural network
50. PID controller for improved performance by using model reduction method
51. Tuning of PID controller using fuzzy logic
52. Fuzzy logic controller for flight vehicle stabilization
53. Hand written text character recognition using generalized PID gradient decent back propagation algorithm
54. Armature control of DC motor
55. Mathematical modeling and simulation analysis of brushless dc motor (BLDC)
56. Control system modeling and analysis using matlab
57. Optimization of fuzzy logic using genetic algorithm
58. Development of neural networks for system identification
59. ARX identification using GA
60. Automatic break control system using artificial neural networks
61. Fuzzy logic controller for semi active control a
62. Mathematical modeling and simulation analysis of dc motor (BLDC)
63. Robust control of given system with artificial neural networks
64. Simulation of code division multiple ACCES
65. An H-infinity approach to robust channel estimation for OFDM wireless communication analysis
66. Analysis of cardiatic signal using signal processing method
67. Simulation of WCDMA system and DS-CDMA system
68. Implementation of multi user detection using gradient projection method
69. Face recognition using eigen faces
70. Implementation of echo chancellor using kalman filter algorithm
71. Performance of evaluation of spread spectrum communication system using matlab
72. Design and development of fixed cellular terminal
73. MSS reporting terminal
74. Speech recognition using wavelets
75. Sampling rate converter and digital equalizer
76. Adaptive noise cancellation
77. Image and data compression using DCT and MELLIN transforms
78. Developments of test methodology and test cases for ipv6 validation testing tool
79. Blind de convolution for image restoration using matlab
80. video compression by sub-band coding using wavelets
81. sequential jpeg image compression

82. Embedded systems (micro controllers):

83. Two telephone lines intercom
84. Auto control of 3ph induction motor
85. Caller id
86. Code lock
87. Electronic cash register
88. Electronic voting machine
89. Fingerprint security
90. Fire fight robot
91. Home automation over internet
92. Home security
93. Ir remote switch
94. Line follower robot
95. Night light saver
96. Parallel telephone line
97. Password based door lock
98. Remote controlled switch board fan 6+1
99. Rf based auto meter reading
100. Rf based remote control
101. Room light controller
102. SMS through telephone
103. Telephone control motor
104. Temp control fan regulator
105. Temperature indicator
106. Time operated electric control
107. Speaker identification using mfcc and neural networks
108. Speaker identification using K-Nearest Neighbor Technique
109. ECG Arrhythmia classification using Wavelet transform and Neural Networks
110. Text feature selection by TF-IDF method and classification using Neural Networks
111. 2-D Human tracking using artificial intelligence
112. Handwritten digit recognition using artificial intelligence machine
113. System identification using intelligent tools
114. Evaluation of cars based on artificial intelligent paradigms
115. Face recognition using Artificial intelligence
116. Hand gesture recognition using Artificial Intelligence
117. Load flow analysis using artificial intelligence
118. Regression SVM based system identification
119. Power quality event detection using artificial intelligence tools
120. Finger print classification using Artificial intelligence
121. GUI based speaker identification using Artificial Intelligence
122. Optimal path planning for robot navigation using higher geometry maze routing approach
123. Development of Control Laws for Attitude Control of Satellites with Flexible Appendages using Nonlinear Control Techniques
124. Target tracking using sensor fusion
125. 3D motion estimation using monocular sequence of images
126. Robust PID controller design using interval analysis
127. Knowledge based sequential/online learning multi category neural classifier


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