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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Maptor, the navigational gadget is the combination of Map and Projector. It is used to project map on any desired surface. Its really portable due to its small size. The most discussed advantage of Maptor is that, we don’t need any one’s help on the way, even if we are lost.

GPS Maptor is GPS included with Maptor. We know that GPS is Global Positioning System; it is a US space based Global Navigation Satellite System. It provides reliable positioning, navigation and timing services to world wide users. Maptor gives the combined effect of two technologies.

As a result of the above said combination we can locate our current position on the map with the help of a red arrow that points the location. Another advantage is the map projection is easily viewable even in day light. This concept is designed by Jin- Sun Park and Seon- Keun Park to make a new wave in the gadget industry.

The GPS Maptor combines GPS facility for maps, locations and directions capsulated in a mini projector. This gadget is really a handy one with its awesome shape. Moreover different projectors are available like Nokia Cellphone projector and Explay Handheld Projector, but still this new design may seem to be good for those who don’t require the combination of cellphone and GPS navigation. Actually this device is really a boon to the tourists and for those who love travelling.


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