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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


The term acoustic means sound. This is a device used in telecommunication field for coupling electrical signals by acoustical means. Its main working is related to our telephone. Acoustic coupler is a terminal and interface device to link data terminals and radio sets with telephone. Acoustic couplers are used to transmit data over telephone lines using modems. This is a device onto which telephone handset is placed to connect computer to the network, a modem will be also there. Modems that do not use acoustic coupler can some times be called as Direct Connected Modems

The link between the terminals and telephones can be achieved by means of acoustic signals rather than through electrical connections. In 1956 acoustic couplers came into use in our telephone industry till then this industry was a closed system wholly controlled and owned by Bell systems.

At first acoustic couplers were sensitive to external disturbances and noises. Direct electrical connections to telephone networks were made legal in early times. But rapidly preference got secured to the modem connecting method and hence acoustic couplers are used widespread. At times acoustic couplers are no longer used since now a days, telephones can be directly connected to modem instead of connecting to modular telephone connectors. Better connections can be established by avoiding unwanted breakage in signals. Still acoustic coupler modems can be useful in some situations like, in a hotel room where telephone cable is anchored in the walls.


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