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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Design and buckling analysis of two post Screw auto lifter.

A good automobile shop must have equipment to undertake all types of fault finding and servicing jobs. The tools and equipment which are must in the auto shop are namely screw drivers, spanners, hydraulic lift, wheel balancing equipment etc. One of the important equipments is the hydraulic lift which can be a 2-post, 4-post, 6-post which is used to lift the vehicles to a comfortable height in order to work under it. For the same purpose the latest equipment used is the Screw Auto Lift.

Much of the fatigue damage in the tools and equipments of a auto shop can be limited to the compressive forces acting on them. Buckling under axial load is one of the most common failures which appear before crushing. This project is about “Buckling Analysis on a two post Screw auto lift”. The compression members, whom we come across, do not fail entirely by crushing. These members, which are considerably long when compared with their lateral dimensions start bending, i.e. buckling. When the axial load reaches a certain critical value, and screw auto lift is one such member. Both experimental and analytical work has been performed on a screw auto lift; employing commercial ansys program, based on the finite element method on a 3d solid model developed in pro/e.

The possible use of alloy steels(nickel steels) in place of mild steel has got improved properties like increase in the strength and the elastic limit of the alloy .The results suggest that use of the nickel steels improves the properties such as strength, ductility, and corrosion resistance over the specifications of the two post screw auto lift. .It also increases the durability of the equipment, two post screw auto lift.


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