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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Design and analysis of spindle with Spm (special purpose machine).


The present work is carried out on TWO STATION TWO SPINDLE CAM BORE ROUGHING /FINISHING SPM.It is a SPECIAL PURPOSE MACHINE exclusively used for HEROHONDA in which it is used for fine boring to reduce the oil consumption of the two wheeler.

The objective of my project is to generate a parametric assembly drawing of spindle assembly using Pro-E, and analysis of spindle assembly using ANSYS.

Firstly, we created a solid model of the crankshaft using designing software

“Pro-e”. Then the model is imported into Ansys and analyzed by applying necessary conditions, which were considered in designing it and then checked for the strength and life. The specifications required for the design are taken from the drafted design

The analysis of spindle assembly includes:

  • Analysis of spindle deflection due to tensioning of belt
  • Spindle analysis for deflection due to axial and radial forces
  • Based on deflection decide an optimum positioning of the spindle bearings


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