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Friday, 4 June 2010

Controller Area Network project

Description: Control Area Network controls the security of the Electronic equipments using the RS-485 protocol. We use CAN for Monitoring Sensors. Data can be stored in the System and the software is used for backup. We can get reports on hourly, weekly and monthly basis.
The Controller Area Network (CAN) bus is a multi-master message broadcast system that is suitable for systems where data contained in short messages are needed to be received at multiple locations simultaneously. Because messages are sent to all the nodes in a system, CAN is especially suited to systems where consistency in the received messages at all the receiving nodes is needed. In this case, all nodes are notified of the rejection, ensuring the data consistency across the network.
Messages are sent to all nodes, but their "message identifiers" indicate whether each node should act on the message. However, all nodes participate in indicating whether the message was sent correctly, increasing the reliability of the bus.
Designing and development process can be divided in to three Section.
1) Primarily Design
2) Embedded System
3) Monitoring Software

Block Diagram:

Controller Area Network

Description in detail: It mainly consist of following Modules
Module -1
This relates to Master circuits. (master Circuit)
Module -2
The module-2 is used to measure the RPM of the motor using the TACHOMETER which gives the voltages.
Module -3
The module-3 is used to measure of the Temperature of the motor using a TEMPERATURE SENSOR.
Module -4
The module-4 is used to rotate the angle of STEPPER MOTOR with the help of microcontroller programming


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