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Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Footstep Power Generation System

In this footstep, power generation project is designed to convert foot step, walking and running energy into electrical energy. It is used to generate electricity from by walking or running on footstep. The demand for electrical energy is increasing day by day. But power generation conventional resources are now not enough for a total demand of electrical energy. Therefore many researchers and engineers are working on non-conventional ways of electrical power generation. Footstep power generation system is also a nonconventional electrical energy production system. It converts mechanical energy of footsteps into electrical energy by using transducers.

With the application of force on the piezoelectric transducer, its converts force into electrical energy. AC ripple neutralizer controls the fluctuation in generated voltages and the unidirectional current controller controls the battery charging current with the help of pic16f877A pic microcontroller. The voltage generated by series of sensors is stored in Lead Acid batteries. This voltage can be used to drive either DC or AC loads.


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