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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Final Year engineering projects

IR based projects
1. Intelligent machine design by accessing the wireless commands.
2. Manchester code decoding controls the robot direction by Philips TV remoteTarget catching robotic arm manipulator (using IR communication
3. Wireless data communication through IR led and IR detector
4. Modern house automation (ac/dc) using IR communication.—
5. Pick and place robot.—
6. Autonomous robot with path tracer.—
7. Anti-theft alarm system.—
8. Automatic room light controller with visitor counter (IR sensor).—
9. Intelligent object counting system.—
10. Autonomous robot.—
11. Rc5 IR based remote device switching (IR remote).—
12. Channel IR based remote control.—
13. Home automation (ac/dc) using TV remote.—
14. Wireless vehicle path tracer using IR&RF.—
15. Robot arm manipulator.—
16. Blind stick robot.—
17. Automatic railway gate system.—
18. Token number display using IR.—
19. IR based distance measurement system.—

PC based projects
1. Home automation (ac/dc) using PC interface.—
2. PC based data acquisition system using (max232).—
3. Microcontroller enabled PC based industrial protection.—
4. Robot direction controlling using RF communication .remote monitoring any alarm on PC using radio communication.—
5. Miniature real-time controller (6-channel outputs) with PC interface and i2c protocol.—
6. GPS navigator/logger (microcontroller board +PC software)—
7. PC based dc motor speed control—
8. RF based communication system between keypad and PC—
9. 8 channel remote control using PC—
10. PC based smart home ---
11. PC based street light controller –
12. PC based temperature monitoring and control—
13. PC based remote controlled wireless automation system—
14. PC based ADC interfacing –
15. Industrial automation via PC .--
16. PC based data acquisition system by stimulating SPI and I2C protocol implementation.-
17. Microcontroller Based GSM and Pc interface.--
18. PC based robot controlling.—
19. Robotic arm manipulator using PC.
20. RFID data logger using PC.—

RF communication projects

1. Modern house automation (ac/dc) using RF communication.—
2. Electronic eye with security system using RF with message broad casting.--
3. Advanced rail way signaling process by excluding manpower using RF.—
4. Incoming/outgoing vehicle alert from main gate. To control office using SMS transmitting through RF module.—
5. Robot direction controlling using RF module.--
6. SMS transmitting using RF modules.—
7. Wireless data acquisition system using RF.—
8. Industrial automation system using RF.—
9. Wireless data encryption and decryption using RF communication.—
10. Hi-tech wireless equipment controlling system.—
11. Home / office security system (safeguard) using RF.--
12. Railway gate control system using RF.—
13. Detecting the conditions of remote areas through data acquisition system using RF module.
14. Microcontroller based fire monitoring system in petrochemical industries using   RF communication—
15. Channel RF based remote control.—
16. Wireless digital code lock with a status display.—
17. Electrical apparatus control system in a plant using RF wireless communication.—
18. RF based remote controlled wireless automation system –
19. RF access system .—
20. RF Based multiple message sending—

RFID based projects

1. RFID based animal tracking system.--
2. RFID based door opening and closing system.--
3. RFID based home/office security system.--
4. Autonomous navigation of RFID sensing robots.—
5. RFID based highway toll collection—
6. RFID based access system--
7. RFID based attendance system—
8. RFID based voting machine—
9. RFID based ration card—
10. RFID based banking system—
11. Vehicle accessing using authentication.—
12. Library management system.—
13. RFID Reader—

GSM based projects

1. Real time vehicle tracking system with GPS & GSM.—
2. Remotely monitoring parameters through GSM module.—
3. Modern house automation (ac/dc) using GSM module
4. Interfacing GSM module with microcontroller.—
5. Electronic code locking using GSM.—
6. GSM based parameter monitoring system using max232 serial communication. And analog to digital converters.—
7. GSM based building automation.--
8. GSM based home security system.—
9. Password protected GSM based device control.—
10. GPS & GSM based car security system. Easy to find the stolen car.
11. Temperature measurement over GSM mobile
12. Real-time industrial process control& monitoring using GSM phone—
13. GSM based advanced security systems.—
14. GSM controlled intelligent robot.—
15. GSM based highway vehicle monitoring system.—
16. GSM+GPS based school kids tracking system.—
17. Bank locker security system with SMS alert.—
18. Controlling home appliances from office through using mobile.—
19. Prepaid electricity billing system using GSM mobile.—
20. SMS- electrical apparatus control in a plant.—
21. SMS- electrical apparatus control in home---
22. SMS- electrical apparatus control in offices—
23. Implementation of mobile based hi-tech door locking system.—
24. SMS based universal motor speed controller—
25. SMS based dc motor speed controller—
26. SMS based security system—
27. SMS based banking security system—
28. Engine monitoring through mobile phone.—
29. Mobile based voting machine.--
30. Cell phone based street light controlling system.--
31. Voting machine through GSM modem
32. Industrial monitor through GSM networks.—
33. Home automation through SMS.--
34. Electricity billing through GSM modems.—
35. Traffic announcement through GSM networks.—
36. Railway accident monitoring system
37. Process controlling through SMS.--
38. File transfer through GSM.—
39. GSM based security system.----
40. SMS based weather reporting.—
41. Remote appliance control through SMS.—
42. GPS interface in GSM networks.—
43. Mark announcement through SMS.—
44. Smart computing through SMS.—
45. Remote sales terminal networking.—

Robotics based projects

1. Robot control using TV remote.--
2. Robotic arm manipulator.--
3. Robot control using RF module.--
4. Robot control using PC interface.--
5. Light sensing robot.--
6. Pick and place robot.--
7. Autonomous robot.—
8. Super intelligent robot using smoke sensors and light dependent resistor.—
9. Line follower robot—
10. Robot control using GSM.—
11. Robot control using different colors of light.—
12. Embedded robot.—
13. Channel RF based remote control.—
14. X-y axis arm robot.--
15. Crane control robot.—
16. PC based robot.—
17. Wireless robot.—
18. mobile phone robot.—
19. Mini robot car.—
20. metal detector robot.—
21. fire fight robot.—
22. Robo Dog—
23. Blind stick robot.—

Security based projects
1. Data entry system with password security.—
2. Wireless security system.—
3. RFID based home/office security system.—
4. GSM based advanced security systems.—
5. Access control system using i-button (attinny2313microcontroller).—
6. Electronic eye with security system using RF with message broad casting.--
7. GSM based home security system.—
8. Home / office security system (safeguard).using RF.
9. GPS & GSM based car security system. Easy to find the stolen car.
10. Bank locker security system with SMS alert.—

Communication protocol based projects

1. Can protocol implementation.—
2. Access control system using i-button.(1-wIRe protocol).—
3. Communicating single master with many slaves by using SPI protocol (sensors).—
4. Inter integrate communication protocol (i2c).--
5. I2cprotocol based real time clock control application.—


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