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Wednesday, 24 April 2013


The proposed approach fuses information obtained from faces and voice modalities to improve performance. Biometrics technologies refer to identifying individuals based on their distinguishing biological or behavioral traits. Biometric security systems provide convenience and high stability to users, since it is unnecessary to remember passwords or possess physical tokens. The convenience of biometric security systems and their acceptable authentication performance have led to the integration of biometric systems into desktops, laptops, PDAs significantly improved authentication performance over the
and mobile-phones. Therefore, we present a multimodal personal authentication approach that combines information obtained from face and voice modalities to improve the performance of mobile device security. To integrate these modalities, we employ various methods like Eigen face method and K-Mean clustering algorithm

The FACE RECOGNITION SYSTEM, will recognize an image from a group of sample images stored in Mat-lab in a centralized database. Here we will input an image which is compared with a group of images stored. Here the input image is an image taken from a CMOS Image Capturing Sensor.


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