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Friday, 2 December 2011

UPS Monitoring System

Whenever the power fails, usually the UPS starts making a beep sound. This is the usual method employed in almost all the UPS to make us aware that there is no power from supply mains.But this is not an efficient method, for instance if we are too much concentrated in a subject we may not listen to the beep. Again, the beeping sound mechanism can be fatal if we are doing a very important job and the buzzer, which makes the beeping sound, fails.
Yet another important application of this project is in the case of networked systems in which a very large number of systems are connected to a single high capacity UPS .In such cases the different systems may be kept at a large distance apart or even kept at different rooms. In these cases the beep sounding mechanism is not at all sufficient because all the users may not hear the sound. The two important points which illustrates the seriousness of the above mentioned situations are:
1)The valuable data that we are manipulating may be lost forever.


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