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Friday, 26 November 2010


The Web?s days are numbered. So what?s next?
The X-Internet, which boosts online user?s quality of experience and accelerates the number of connected devices. The once hottest technology ever evolved, 'Internet' is already being dubbed as 'dumb, boring and isolated' and the days of the World Wide Web are numbered. The web we know today will fade. It will be replaced by a new software paradigm. Some call it the X Internet; others The Semantic Web. The web we know is evolving. Gone will be the days of browser-based applications. The X-Internet will not be a new invention, but rather the evolution of today's Internet of static Web pages and cumbersome e-commerce mechanisms into a Net that relies on executable software code to deliver more interactive experiences.

As the Internet expands, two new waves of innovation comprising the X-Internet are already eclipsing the Web: an executable Net that greatly improves the online experience and an extended Net that connects the real world. An executable Net that supplants today's Web will move code to user PCs and cause devices to captivate consumers in ways static pages never could. The extended Internet is reshaping technology's role in business through Internet devices and applications which sense, analyze, and control data, therefore providing more real-time information than ever before about what is going on in the real world. The extended Internet will include the widespread adoption of real-world appliances, like air conditioners or car tires that communicate with owners or manufacturers via the Internet. X-Internet pushes connectivity past computers to other interactive devices, such as cell phones and televisions, and from there to a range of consumer products and applications.

Executable Internet applications use downloaded code like Java and XML to enhance the user experience with pop-up menus, pick lists, graphics and simple calculations. Unlike the existing Web wherein the browser pops up essentially static pages of information, the executable Internet will enable a conversation between two ?high IQ entities? on either side, with interactivity level rising to hitherto unforeseen levels as intelligent applications execute code on the user?s PC or other devices.


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