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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

iee project topics

Hybrid Differential Evolution Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Reactive Power Optimization (IEEE) 2010
Multiband Hysteresis Modulation and Switching Characterization for Sliding-Mode-Controlled Cascaded Multilevel Inverter(IEEE) 2010
. A Novel Three-Phase to Five-Phase Transformation Using a Special Transformer Connection 2010
. Reliability Evaluation ofB ulk Power Systems Incorporating UPFC (IEEE) 2010
. A 28-Pulse AC-DC ConverterB ased SMPS for Telecom Power Supply (B ePress) 2010
. A Real Time Power System Harmonic Estimator considering Fundamental Frequency Variations (B ePress) 2010
. Feasibility Study on Application of Voltage Source Inductive Filtering Converter in HVDC-Light Systems (IEEE) 2010
. Comparative study of induction motor efficiency optimization control strategy for electric vehicle 2010
. A Single-Phase Voltage-Controlled Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System With Power Quality Conditioner Functionality (IEEE) 2009
. Transient stability control of TCSC (IEEE) 2009
. A Control Methodology and Characterization of Dynamics for a Photovoltaic (PV) System Interfaced With a Distribution Network (IEEE) 2009
. Reduced rating VSC with a Zig-Zig transformer for current compensation in three phase four wire distribution system (IEEE) 2009
. UPQC signal detection algorithm based on PSO-Fuzzy (IEEE) 2009
. Power quality improvement in conventional electronic load controller for isolated Power Generation (IEEE) 2009
. Model predictive control of Unified power quality conditioner with control saturation (IEEE) 2009
. A fast-acting dc-link voltage controller for 3 phase DStatcom to compensate ac and dc loads (IEEE) 2009
. PMSM speed sensor less direct torque control based on EKF (IEEE) 2009
. Investigation of Sub Synchronous Resonance With VSC-B ased HVDC Transmission Systems (IEEE) 2009
. Operation and control of single phase micro-sources in a utility connected grid (IEEE) 2009
. MultiConverter Unified Power-Quality Conditioning System: MC- UPQC (IEEE) 2009
. The use of facts devices in distributed power systems-modeling ,interface case study(IJCE) 2009
. Development of Hybrid Active Power FilterB ased on the Adaptive Fuzzy Dividing Frequency-Control Method (IEEE) 2009
. A modular fuel cell modular DC-DC converter concept for High performance and Enhanced reliability (IEEE) 2009
. New multivariable dynamic model & robust control of a Voltage Source Converter for power system application (IEEE) 2009
. Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of Hybrid Power SystemsB ased on Renewable Energy (IEEE) 2009
. Double FrequencyB uck converter (IEEE) 2009
. Optimization of PI coefficients in DStatcom non linear controller for regulating dc voltage using Generic Algorithm (IEEE) 2009
. Optimal placement of shunt connected facts devices in a series compensated long transmission line (WCE) 2009
. Voltage flicker compensation using STATCOM (IEEE) 2009
. A variable speed, sensor less, induction motor using dc link measurement (IEEE) 2009
. Soft computing techniques for the control of an active power filter (IEEE) 2009
. Wide speed range estimation with parameter identification schemes of sensor less induction motors (IEEE) 2009
. Design and analysis of dynamic voltage restorer for deep voltage sag and harmonic compensation (IEEE) 2009
. Constant Power Control and Fault-Ride-Through Enhancement of DFIG Wind Turbines with Energy Storage (IEEE) 2009
. Modeling of FACTS DevicesB ased on SPWM VSCs (IEEE) 2009
. Design of a Modular UPQC Configuration Integrating a Components Economical Analysis (IEEE) 2009
. A New Proposal for Power Quality and Custom Power Improvement: OPEN UPQC (IEEE) 2009
. Space Vector Method for Voltage Dips and Swells Analysis (IEEE) 2009
. Analytical Modeling of a Square Wave Controlled Cascaded Multilevel STATCOM (IEEE) 2009
. Three-Phase Transformer Model Including Magnetic Hysteresis and Eddy Currents Effects (IEEE) 2009
. Output Feedback Control of Single-Phase UPQCB ased on a Novel Model (IEEE) 2009
. Harmonic Analysis and Improvement of a New Solid-State Fault Current Limiter (IEEE) 2009
.Multivariable Dynamic Model and Robust Control of a Voltage-Source Converter for Power System Applications (IEEE) 2009
. A Versatile Control Scheme for a Dynamic Voltage Restorer for 2009Power-Quality Improvement (IEEE)
. Study on a Novel Hybrid Active Power Filter Applied to a High- Voltage Grid (IEEE) 2009
. Seven-Level Shunt Active Power Filter for High-Power Drive Systems (IEEE) 2009
. Dynamic Voltage RestorerB ased on Flying Capacitor Multilevel Converters Operated by Repetitive Control (IEEE) 2009
. Sensor less Current Control of Three-Phase Inverter-B ased Distributed Generation (IEEE) 2009
. Optimum Space Vector Computation Technique for Direct Power Control (IEEE) 2009
. Wind Farms Modeling for Short-Circuit Level Calculations in Large Power Systems (IEEE) 2009


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