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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Mechanical Engineering Projects

  1. SPM for grinding of Radome Shell (Internal grinding to reduce the weight)

  2. Design of cam for radial shell grinding (CAM profile for copying attachment)

  3. Fixture design for VMC (Cylinder Head)

  4. Fixture design for HMC (Cylinder Head)

  5. Process Capable Tolerancing (Setting proper tolerances early in the design phase to achieve quality production and reducing production cost)

  6. Reverse Engineering process (3D scanning developing 3D surface or point data, converting 3D point data to virtual design and manufacturing the model with desired alterations)

  7. Composite material analysis in cosmos

  8. Check valve flow analysis Cosmo Floworks

  9. Manufacturing Process & process planning for a component or Job

  10. Process tooling for complete production cycle (Tool Design)

  11. Combination Tool Design


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