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Thursday, 12 August 2010

Electric Motor Control with Regenerative Braking



The Electric Motor Control with Regenerative Braking (EMCRB) project will develop a test system to investigate electric vehicular drive systems and regenerative braking. A three phase permanent magnet synchronous motor, flywheel, and control electronics will comprise the test system. Data collected from the test system will be used to develop a model that will establish the efficiency of regenerative braking. An ongoing Bradley University Mechanical Engineering project will utilize the efficiency data to design an ultra light electric vehicle. A future Bradley University Electrical Engineering project may expand upon the test bench system developed in the EMCRB project.

Figure 1: Regeneration to batteries. Channel 1 in dark blue represents the voltage across the batteries; note that the zero point for voltage is off the page to the bottom. The apparent zero for voltage is actually at 23.8 volts relative to ground. Channel 2 in light blue is the current into the positive terminal of the batteries. The math function in red is equal to CH1*CH2 and represents the power delivered to the batteries. The area below this represents the energy delivered to the batteries.


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