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Saturday, 21 August 2010

EEE Projects topics

1.Pre-Paid Energy Meter.
2.Electricity Distribution System.
3.Energy Saver.Intelligent Street Lighting System. (Detects traffic & turns ON lights)
4.Intelligent Street Lighting System. (All lights connected to central PC)
5.PC based room lighting control.
6.Wireless room lighting control.
7.Intelligent Switchboard.
8.Intelligent Room lighting. (Counts if person in room & turns ON light)
9.Maximum Demand Controller.
10.Power monitoring & logging System.
11. Railway Coach Automation.
12. Bus Stop Monitoring System.
13. Electronic Objective Test System.
14. Reflex Action Measurment.
15. Path Tracking Robot.
16. Electronic Inventory Control
16. Remote Sales Terminal.
17. Remote Irrigation control and monitoring
18. Weather monitoring using GSM for hazardous areas.
19. Water reservoir monitoring and PUMP station control
20. Wild life monitoring and location indicators for visitors
21. Hotel Power Managment.
22. Wireless Robotic Crane.
23. Aquarium Automation.


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