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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Biochip is the collection of the miniaturized test sites also known as the microarrays arranged on the solid substrate which permits many tests to being performed at same time in order to achieve higher throug hput and the speed. Typically, a Biochip's surface area is not larger than the finger nail. Like a computer chip, a Biochip can perform millions of the mathematical operations in a second. The Biochip can be performs thousands of the Biological reactions, such as the decoding genes, in the few seconds.

The Genetic biochip is designed to freeze into place structures of the many short strands of the DNA, which is also known as the deoxyribonucleic acid, the basic chemical instruction which determines the characteristics of the organism. Effectively, it will be used as a kind of the test tube for the real chemical samples. A specially designed microscope can be determined where the sample hybridized with a DNA strands in Biochip. The Biochips helped to dramatically accelerate the identification of estimated more than 80,000 genes in the human DNA, which is also an ongoing world wide research collaboration known as "Human Genome Project". Microchip is described as the sort of the word search function that can be quickly sequence DNA.

In addition to the genetic applications, Biochip is being used in the Protein, Toxicological and the Biochemical research. The Biochips can also being used to the rapidly detect chemical agents used in the biological warfare so that defensive measures can be taken.


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