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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Artuators and Sensors designs have mimicked the nature to a large extent. It is very uch Similar to our five senses also. Those five senses of us are sight, sound, smell, taste and touch, correspondingly visual/optical, acoustic/ultrasonic, electrical, chemical and thermal/magnetic sensors which have been developed. The response from these primary sensors are converted to the electrical signals, which has been transmitted to the brain, which is the central processing uni,) for the further processing. In addition to processing, the role of processor is for making decision based on these inputs. This is currently done manually by the experienced operator who has the understanding of sensing & processing of the technology. To aid the operator in the making a more judicious decision, the conditioned signal has been presented with as much pertinent information displayed in the arresting way. A further development will be provide the virtual machine itself to making the judgment smart sensor. The next stage in this will be for the processor to decide on course of the action and the actuation mechanism to the respond accordingly. Virtual human robots can also be equipped with the memory, sensors,perception and the behavioural motor. This eventually makes these virtual human robots to act or react to the events. The design of the behavioral animation system raises questions about creating the autonomous actors, endowing them with perception, selecting their actions, their motor control and making their behaviour believable and the behavior should be spontaneous and unpredictable.


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