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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


Animetronics is a use of the Electronics & Robotics in the Mechanised pappets to make them alive. Animatronics are mainly used in the movie making, but also in the theme parks and in the other forms of the entertainment.

Animatronics is the cross between the animation and the electronics. Basically, Animatronics is the mechanized puppet. It can be remotely controlled or preprogrammed. The abbreviated term originally coined by the Walt Disney as Audio Animatronics which is used to describe the mechanized characters, can be actually seen in the various forms as far back as Leonardo Da Vinci's Automata Lion, which is theoretically built to the present lilies to King of the France during one of his Visits,and has now be developed as the career which may be require combined talent in the Mechanical Engineering , Casting/Sculpting, Control Technologies, Electrical/Electronic, Radio Control, Airbrushing. Long before digital effects was appeared, animatronics were making the cinematic history. The scare generated by Great White coming out of water in the film Jaws"and tender other world liness of the E.T."were its outcomes. The Jurassic Park series was combined of digital effects with the help of Animatronics.

Its possible for us to build our own animatronics by making use of the ready made animatronics kits which is provided by the companies such as Mister Computers, where there is no programming skills are needed. Only knowledge of Windows are needed.

From this brief description itself, we can realised about the relevance and the importance of the Animetronics in the Current Scenario. So we can say this Animetronics is also a very good topic for the Paper Presentation and the Engineering Seminars.


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