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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Stepper motor Control with Atmega16

With this project you can control a unipolar stepper motor. You can control both the speed and the direction of the motor.

The speed and direction and can changed with help of the keypad. The data's are displayed over the LCD display.

A 4x4 keypad is used for entering the speed and selecting the direction.

Load the hex file into the chip, dont forget to select the internal oscillator at 10Mhz.

Then switch on the circuit and select the direction by pressing the corresponding key (Left or Right). Then enter the speed through the numeric keys and press the Enter key to start the operation. To switch off the motor press the separate switch which is connected to the port A.0

Proteus simulation file is also added with the download file, so that you can run the program on your desktop.

Circuit Diagram


Bascom code & Proteus simulation file


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