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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

PC Based Automation Project List

Code No. Name of Project

PC controlled robots.

Speech controlled robots.

Hospital Management System.

Intelligent reader for Blind people.

PC based Data Acquisition System.

PC based Data Logger.

PC based Home automation.

PC based Industrial automation.

PC based device control.

PC-PC communication through Fiber Optic cable

PC-PC communication through Laser.

Internet controlled robot.

Internet controlled devices.

Intelligent internet access and control system.

8085 trainer kit.

8051 trainer kit.

Speech control devices.

PC based CRO.

PC based monitoring system.

PC based watering system.

PC based moving message display.

Computer controlled drilling machine.

Computer controlled plotter.

Matlab based projects

Finger print based security system.

Speaker recognition and synthesis.

Face recognition.

Object tracking system.

Vision based material handling system.

Vision based semiconductor lead verification.

Vision based sampling of goods.

Noise/Echo canceller.

Speech compression decompression using ADPCM

IVRS systems.

SCARA robot simulation.

Rhino robot simulation.

Various Robotic arm Simulation.

2D tracking system.

Character recognition system.

Motion detection.

Target detection in image.

Steganography. [Hiding data into image]

Image to sound conversion.

Vision for Blind people.

Image compression

Digital filter for image enhancement


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