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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Offline Messaging System

The purpose of the Offline Messaging System (OMS) is to create an application such that the data in the xml file given by the company is to be converted into the ordinary display format. The xml file given consists of downloaded inbox mails. The mails in the xml format are to be displayed in the sequential manner. All the details such as from, to, bcc, cc, subject, message, date and time will be displayed.

The compose menu is to be created and the data is to be entered. The entered data fields will be to, bcc, cc, subject and the message. The date and the time will be automatically generated as per the time he has composed and saved the mail. The entered data will be saved in the xml file in xml format. The composed mails can be viewed through outbox menu. The xml file will be given to the company and the xml file can be sent easily to the destination.

Mails, messages are the most familiar word spelt and used all over the world. There are different sources of sending messages from one place to another. Before the Internet technology evolved in the universe the main source of sending messages and letters are done through the posts. As the years passed, the technology improved and so the sending of the message also found an alternative way of sending it to the destination easier and faster. Letter, messages, and mails are the main platform for developing the contacts and the understandings between the people

The problem definition of the Offline messaging system is to create an application in such a way that the user can view all the mails present in his mail-id when the system is in the offline and then compose the offline mails in such a way that they must be sent to the destination mail-id when the system goes online. The main purpose of this application should be used when the system is in offline itself.


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