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Monday, 19 July 2010

mini project topics electrical

1. RFID Footwear & Floor system
2. Design implementation of Campus Gate Control system based on RFID
3. A Novel Remote User Authentication Scheme Using Smart Card Based on ECDLP
4. Research on Coal Mine personal Orientation rescuing system Based
5. on RFID
6. A Location-Aware system using RFID & mobile Devices for Art Museums
7. I Walker: Toward a Rollator-Miunted Way finding system for the
8. Elderly.
9. Mobile RFID Tracking system
10. RFID-Based Intelligent Books Shelving System (or) An Optimized RFID -Based Academic Library
11. The E-Passport: The Future Of Government -Issued RFID based Identification.
12. Automation of time & Attendance using RFID System
13. RFID-Based & theft auto security system with an immobilizer.
14. Security Architecture for RFID Application in home Environment
15. Hospital Automation
16. System RFID Based:
17. Technology Embedded in smart Devices(Cards, Tags & Bracelets)
18. A blind navigation system using RFID for indoor Environments
19. Bus Detection device for the Blind using passive RFID Applications
20. Automatic control of students attendance in classrooms using RFID
21. A wireless design of low-cost irrigation system using ZigBee technology
22. Exploration & Research based on VIN Code Vehicle Identification System
23. ZigBee based intelligent Helmet for Coal Miners
24. Remote-Controllable & Energy-Saving Room Architecture based on ZigBee Communication
25. Design of Air Pollution Monitoring System Using ZigBee Networks for Ubiquitous-City
26. Remote Power ON/OFF control & current measurement for Home Electric Outlets based on a Low Po9wer Embedded Board & ZigBee Communication
27. Wireless Access Monitoring & Control System based on Digital Door Lock
28. A ZigBee-Based Power Monitoring System with Direct Load Control Capabilities
29. Design & Realization of Embedded Web Gateway Server
30. Wearable Wireless Body Area Networks
31. Power Management using ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network
32. The Application of ARM and ZigBee Technology Wireless Networks In Monitoring Mine Safety System
33. Automobile Anti-theft System Design Based on GSM
34. Design & Development of
35. a GSM Based Vehicle
36. Theft Control System
37. An Automotive Security System for Anti theft
38. A GIS system for tourism management
39. HERO: Online Real¬Time Vehicle Tracking
40. The Mobile ECG Tele monitoring System Based
41. on GPRS & GPS
42. GPS Based Mobile Tele Monitoring & Management System for Inter cities Public Transportation
43. Development of Collapse-Sensing Phone for Emergency Positioning System
44. Remote Wireless Automatic Meter Reading System Based on Wireless Mesh Networks & Embedded Technology
45. On-line Monitoring Of Winding Deformation Of Power Transformer
46. Home appliance energy monitoring & controlling based on power line communication
47. Wireless LAN based Distributed Digital Lighting systems for Digital home
48. Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Remote Meter Reading System Based on GPRS
49. Research & Design of Intelligent Wireless Harmonic Detection of Electric power system
50. Synchronization
51. Algorithms for SMS
52. Based wireless Distributed System for Electric Grid Monitor
53. Integrated solar tracker positioning unit in distributed grid-feeding for CPV power plants
54. Development solar A Hierarchical Saving Power System for Campus
55. Intelligent wireless System to Monitoring Mechanical Fault in Power Transmission Lions
56. Research on Measuring Equipment of single-phase Electricity-Stealing with Long distance Monitoring
57. Development of Energy Management & warning system for Resident: An Energy Saving Solution.
58. Sufficient sunlight supply for home care using local closed -loop shutter control system.

59. Design &
60. Implementation of Universal industry Data Collecting & Controlling System.
61. PC-Based PID Speed control in DC Motor
62. Remote Power Management & meter reading system based on ARM microprocessor
63. Implementation of Control Mechanism for Standby Power Reduction
64. Automatic room light intensity detection & control using microprocessor & light sensors.
65. A GSM, Internet & Speech Controlled Wireless Interactive Home Automation System
66. Automatic power Meter Reading System using GSM Network
67. Software Agents Based Home Automation An Intelligent Electrical Billing & Maintenance
68. Remotely Controllable Outlet System for Home Power Management
69. On Line Temperature Monitoring of Power Distribution Equipment.
70. GSM Based Distribution Transformer Monitoring System.

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