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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

microprocessor projects Water level Controller

The water level Controller is a reliable circuit, it takes over the task of indicating and Controlling the water level in the overhead water tanks. The level of the water is displayed in the LED Bar graph. The Copper probes are used to sense the water level. The probes are inserted into the water tank which is to be monitored. This water-level Controller-***-alarm circuit is configured around the well-known 8 bit Microprocessor 8085. It continuously monitors the overhead water level and display it and it also switch Off the Motor when the tank fills and it will automatically switch On the Motor when the water level is low. The Microprocessor will also indicate the water level over the LED display. All the input and output functions are done through the Programmable Peripheral Interface IC 8255.

final year  projects

final year projects


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