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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Efficient Search in P2P Networks with 8-Point Hypercircles (Networking Project)

This report concerns the implementation of a simulation framework to evaluate an emerging peer-to-peer network topology scheme using 8-point hypercircles, entitled HyperCircle. This topology was proposed in order to alleviate some of the drawbacks of current P2P systems evolving in an uncontrolled manner, such as scalability issues, network overload and long search times.

The framework is supposed to be used to evaluate the advantages of this new topology. The framework has been built on top of an existing simulator software solution, the selection of which was an important part of the development. Weighing different variables such as scalability and API usability, the selection fell on OverSim, an open-source discreet-event simulator based on OMNET++.

After formalizing the protocol for easier implementation, as well as extending it for better performance, implementation followed using C++ with OverSim’s API and simulation library. Implemented as a module (alongside other stock modules providing their own protocols such as Chord and Kademlia), it can be used in OverSim to simulate a user-defined network using one of the simulation routine applications provided (or using a custom application written by the user). For the purposes of this thesis, the standard application KBRTestApp was used; an application sending test messages between randomly selected nodes, while adding and removing nodes at specific time intervals. The adding and removing of nodes can be configured with probability parameters.

Tentative testing shows that this implementation of the HyperCircle protocol has a certain performance gain over the OverSim implementations of the Chord and Kademlia protocols, measurable in the time it takes a message to get from sender to recipient. Further testing is outside the scope of this thesis.

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