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Thursday, 29 July 2010

Bluetooth Based Smart Home

This project is used to automate the home appliances through Bluetooth enabled PC. You can use the USB Bluetooth at the PC side and an Serail Bluetooth converter is used at the microcontroller side. The sparkfun bluetooth module is used here, but you can use any serial luetooth module which supports SPP profile. Atmega8 microcontroller is used in this project

The PC application software was written using visual basic and the microcontroller coding was done through Bascom Basic. The project had the following features

  • 2 Temperature sensor (1 Indoor & 1 Outdoor)
  • High resolution temperature sensors are used (0.06deg)
  • 1 Light sensor with help of LDR
  • 1 PIR motion sensor
  • 5 Devices can be controlled
  • LCD & LED interface to display the status

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Circuit Diagram

PC Screenshot


  1. can you please provide me with the source code

  2. You have this project with you i want to buy this project...