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Saturday, 22 May 2010


1 Single channel data acquisition system (PC interface)
2 Dual channel data acquisition system (PC interface)
3 Multi-channel data acquisition system (PC interface)
4 Eight channel data acquisition system (PC interface)
5 Data acquisition system with control system (PC interface)
6 Analog data analyzing system (PC interface)
7 Digital data input interface system (PC interface)
8 Mobile to system interface IRDA
9 Mobile to system interface RS232
10 Electronic data storage card (PC interface)
11 Mobile automation control system through SMS
12 Remote application control system through phone
13 Remote application control system through mobile
14 EB wireless monitoring system
15 Smartcard operated lock and anti theft system
16 Smart card attendance system
17 Intruder and burglar alarm
18 Train station passenger wagon information system
19 Robot positioning
20 3 axis robot
21 Temperature monitoring system (PC interface)
22 Temperature monitoring and system (PC interface)
23 Heart beat monitor
24 Rc5 IR application control system (microcontroller based)
25 Motor speed control system (microcontroller based) with system interface
26 Frequency counter (microcontroller based)
27 Revolution counter (microcontroller based)
28 Digital clock (microcontroller based)
29 Led thermometer
30 Ultrasonic distance measurement and ranging
31 Remote temperature measurement IR
32 A/D converter embedded system
33 Universal IR remote decoder embedded (microcontroller based)
34 Fire sensing and control system
35 Multi-channel fire sensing and control system
36 Pc as a Multimeter
37 Resistance and capacitance meter embedded (microcontroller based)
38 Home security system embedded (microcontroller based)
39 Automatic pump controller embedded (microcontroller based)
40 Automatic pump controller (ordinary)
41 Speed regulator for motors embedded (microcontroller based)
42 Multi-channel electrical appliance switching and control system
43 A Simple Programmable Timer with Time Correction Circuit embedded
44 Lawn Sprinkler System embedded (microcontroller based)
45 Reminder Timer for Changing Chemicals in a Water Softener (IRON) embedded
46 Optical Pyrometer embedded (microcontroller based)
47 Smart Switch for Automotive Applications embedded (microcontroller based)
48 A Triple Input, Inverting Debounce Circuit embedded (microcontroller based)
49 Replacing Electromechanical Switches embedded (microcontroller based)
50 Smart Switch for Car Windscreen Wiper control embedded
51 Electronic Key, Button Dimmer and Potentiometer Dimmer Controller
52 Light Switch with Delay Turn-Off embedded (microcontroller based)
53 Transmission Sensor for Remote Car Starter embedded (microcontroller based)
54 Freezer Protector embedded (microcontroller based)
55 Remote automobile security locking system (IR, FM) embedded
56 Transponder embedded (microcontroller based)
57 Solid State Thermostat Using embedded (microcontroller based)
58 Regulation of Fuel Consumption embedded (microcontroller based)
59 Analog Input through One Digital Pin embedded (microcontroller based)
60 Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) embedded (microcontroller based)
61 Sensor Interface for Metal Detection embedded (microcontroller based)
62 RS-232 Port-Powered Digital Thermometer embedded (microcontroller based)
63 Smart Sensor embedded (microcontroller based)
64 Totally Terrific Talking Thermometer embedded (microcontroller based)
65 Triple Stage incubator embedded (microcontroller based)
66 Sump Pump Controller embedded (microcontroller based)
67 Light Meter embedded (microcontroller based)
68 Stepper Motor Driver with interface and without embedded 6
69 MCU-based Morse Keyed embedded (microcontroller based)
70 Simple Alarm System embedded (microcontroller based)
71 Safe Lock by TV Remote embedded (microcontroller based)
72 TV Remote Control Extender embedded (microcontroller based)
73 Intelligent-switch embedded (microcontroller based)
74 A Serial electrical application Switching Network embedded
75 Phone Remote Control Unit embedded (microcontroller based)
76 Home Automation System embedded (microcontroller based)
77 Multi-channel electrical appliance switching system
78 Eight channels electrical switching using pc embedded (microcontroller based)
79 Adaptive Differential Pulse Code Modulation embedded (microcontroller based)
80 Mini robot embedded (microcontroller based)
81 Electronic dog
82 Object counter
83 Single board computer
84 FM transmitter
85 FM transmitter mini
86 Digital IC tester (PC interface)
87 Digital Identification card system (PC interface)
88 Digital Bank passbook system (PC interface)
89 Electronic clock with alarm system
90 Programmable digital clock for colleges, schools
91 Serial data to parallel data converter (PC based)
92 Parallel data to serial data converter (PC based)
93 Fsk generator
94 Fsk decoder
95 Simple I/O card (PC based)
96 Programmable sine wave oscillator
97 Speed control for asynchronous motors
98 Frequency measurement using PC
99 Four channel logic waveform analyzer and tester using PC
100 Radio controlled remote control
101 Mains intercom
102 One wire intercom
103 Microprocessor based stepper motor control
104 Microprocessor based traffic control
105 Microprocessor based water level monitor and control
106 Microprocessor based traffic light control
107 Microprocessor based bank token display
108 Microprocessor based irrigation control
109 Precision Digital stop watch
110 Multi-channel code lock system
111 Automatic temperature controller
112 Digital speech security system
113 Pseudo Random Noise Generator
114 Telephone controlled remote switch
115 Ph meter
116 Mains frequency monitor
117 Mini projects
118 Simple logic probe or logic tester
119 Clap switch
120 Telephone privacy circuit
121 Fast charger for Batteries
122 Long range remote control
123 Simple Intercom circuit
124 Led voltmeter
125 Object counter
126 Smoke detector
127 Smoke alarm
128 Metal detector
129 Fire alarm
130 Automatic telephone answering system
131 Water level control
132 Water level monitor
133 Heart beat monitor
134 One wire spy
135 Car burglar alarm
136 Anemometer using Hall Effect
137 0-30 MHz SSB/CW/FM/AM/DRM Receiver based on DDS and RISC
138 1-Wire Thermometer with LCD
139 10,000 x with One Transistor
140 6 V Dynamo Regulator
141 84x48-pixel Graphics LCD
142 89LPCxx USB Programming
143 95-watt Laptop PSU Adaptor
144 A ‘Retro’ Mobile Phone
145 A 16-bit Tom Thumb
146 A Power-Wise Server
147 A Real µC PLC
148 A Tale of Two Smartcards
149 Accurate timebase
150 Active Antenna


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