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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

engineering projects list 6

PowerBox: smart AC outlet with metering and control
Rhythm Ring: Interactive Rhythm Sequencer (MP4 video) (youtube and another)
Trumpet MIDI Controller (MP4 video) (longer 53 Mbyte MP4 video)
Air Drums (MP4 video), (MOV video) (youtube)
Recorder Hero (MP4 video)
Dueling Banjos (MP4 video)
Intelligent wireless pedometer
Networked Biometric Authentication
Easy Input -head controlled mouse and keyboard interface (MP4 video1, video2)
Virtual Keyboard (Circuit Cellar Magazine, issue #227, June 2009 page 14-19)
3D LED display (MOV video 60 Mbyte) (MP4 video)
BordFree videogame (MP4 video)
Haptic glove (MP4 video1, video2)
High Speed Photography Controller
3D Maze in a Box video game (MP4 video)
3D Video Game Control (MP4 video)
Multi-Player Light Cycle on Color TV (MP4 video)
Gesture-driven Tetris (MP4 video)
Remote Chess
Data Acquisition System With Controller Area Network and SD Card
Automotive On-Board Diagnostics Reader
Adaptive 60 Hz Noise Cancellation
Neural Net Helicopter (MP4 video)
Accelerometer Controlled R/C Vehicle (MP4 video)
Robot Arm (MP4 video)
Help Quit Smoking Watch
Electronic Impact Vest (MP4 video) (hacknmod) (Gizmodo)
TouchSynth (MP4 video)
TriWheeler robot (MP4 video) (youtube)
Music Wand: Real-Time Optical Scanning of Sheet Music (MP4 video)
Teaching an old clock (GE® Model 8116k) new tricks
Shark Tag Microcontroller Platform
Ghost Writer Robot (MP4 video)
Rocket Inertial Navigation System (MP4 video)
Guitar Tuner (MP4 video) (youtube)
Scheme Interpreter
Minigolf video game (MP4 video)
Battlezone video game
Laser Simon
Snake Arm Glove
Wiimote Crane
Radio Beacon Finder
ATmega644 JTAG Debugger
Ultrasonic Haptic Vision (MP4, MP4, MP4)
Haptic appointment manager (MP4 lots of wind and construction noise)
3D ultrasonic mouse (MP4, MP4, MP4)
3D scanner (MP4) (hackedgadgets)
Gesture Recognition Based on Scratch Inputs (MP4) (uelectronics, )
LED Sensor Keyboard (MP4 7Mb) (hackaday)
Touchpad/Infrared Music Synthesizer (MP4)
Programmable Synthesized Guitar (MP4)
Der Kapellmeister (MP4)
IR harp (MP4, MP4)
Digital Receipts System (hackedgadgets, zedomax, uelectronics, )
ODB-II Automotive data interface (hackaday, )
Traction control system
ACL Research: Foot Acceleration Sensor
Fart Intensity Detector (MP4) (kitecrazy, hackaday, Popular Science sept09, Dvice, )
Dual-Channel Mobile Surface Electromyograph (MP4)
Tissue Impedance Digital Biopsy
GPS Data Logger with Wireless Trigger (hackaday)
Self-Adjusting Window Shade
Weather Canvas (MP4)
Autonomous Self-parking car (MP4, MP4)
Holonomic Drive Vehicle with Stochastic Evolution
Ball Picker Robot (MP4)
BalanceBot (MP4)
Snakearm Multiple PID motor controller (with Wiimote!) (MP4)
Electric Etch (MP4, MP4)
POV display (MP4) (hackaday)
POV display
Alarm clock with speech synthesis
Blackout game
ESD Foam Touch Controlled Brick Blaster
NES emulator (uelectronics, )
Laser Audio Transmitter
Voice Tuner
Wireless music player
Multisensor Data Transmission
Heliostat (MP4)
Wii Conductor
Musical Blocks
Tic Tac Toe with CMOS Camera
Robot Plotter


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