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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

engineering projects list 4

Digital Stethoscope (Mpeg of display)
Graduate from Cornell video game
Flat Bed Scanner
Non-orthogonal Plotter (mpeg)
Mouse Painter
Paint with mouse input
Radio Controlled outlet strip
Autonomous navigating robot (mpeg)
Nova Strike video game
Digital Compass
MiniGolf video game with putter
MiniGolf video game (mpeg)
Programmable remote control
Electr-O-Sketch (slashdot article) (Forbes article, follow the Custom Gadgets You Can't Buy
Ultrasonic Rangefinder
Mega32 Basic
Music Synthesizer with Interactive TV Display
Laser Morse code tutor
Pump It Up audio game
Guitar Tuner
Beverage Monitor (slashdot article)
MP3 radio
Smart blinds
Home Security System
Bar Code Scanner
Implementation of a (31, 16) BCH code on a Microcontroller
Ball Fight Video Game
Breath Alcohol Tester
WinAmp controller
WinAmp Controller
Eye-in-the-sky (mpeg of camera head)
Scorched Earth video game
WonderSwan Development Cartridge
Star Duel video game
Big Red Map (Mpeg of engineering quad)
Missle Command video game
3D gForce mouse
Stationary Helicopter (mpeg)
Remote control car
Weather Station
Infrared Tracking सिस्टम
kaOS operating system and loader (Circuit Cellar Magazine, Issue #193 Aug 2006 page 56) (AVR design contest 2006)
Keyboard mania (mpeg 19 Mbyte)
Super Breakout video game (mpeg 1.9 Mbytes)
Jezzball video game
Duckhunt video game (mpeg 2.4 Mbytes)
The Contender video game (mpeg 4.5 Mbytes)
Big Red Juice Mixer (Slashdot article Monday, May 2, 2005)
Color Tetris video game
LightRover - light sensing robot
Virtual Pool (wmv 900 Kbytes) (Circuit Cellar Magazine, Issue #184 November 2005 )
AirMouse (Circuit Cellar Magazine, Issue #191 June 2006, article)
SharpShooter video game
Neural net robot
Wireless Electromyograph
Stepper Motor Indexer & Decoder
Turbidity meter
Human Motion Capture
Accelerometer Mouse
Wireless Telemetry (avi 6 Mbytes) (HackADay Feb 16, 2006)
Portable Security System
Blood Pressure Monitor
Missle Command video game
Super Breakout video game (some images broken)
Breathalyser door lock
Programmable IR receiver and Connect-4 game
MIDI drum controller
Vocal Tuner
PC temperature control
Dungeons of Doom video game
Dual control RC car
Solar Tracker
GPS/inertial guidance
Digger video game
Gauntlet of uComputation
CubeSat Diagnostics board
Digital voice recorder
ISREVER (Reversi) video game
Frequency Division Multiplexing for a Multi-Sensor Wireless Telemetry System
Shooting star video game
Electronic Dartboard
Kasubana electronic flower
Bar Inventory System
Voting Machine
EyeSnake video game
Digital Guitar tuner
Automated Juice Mixer
Mega32 webserver (code)


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