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Thursday, 27 May 2010

CDMA Wireless Data Transmitter (SEM)senimar

The increasing demand on productivity and quality has led widespread automation of manufacturing processes and equipment. Cost effective and efficient maintenance is needed to prevent costly machine failure related downtime and ensure product quality. For the past decade the state of technology for machine health monitoring has been continuously improving. But majority of monitoring systems employed at the factory floor still require maintenance engineers to manually collect data and analyse them off-line. Most of these systems require wire connections for data acquisition and transmission ,which limit their accessibility and utility in many situations where space restrictions do not allow for such connections.

Wireless data transmission for embedded sensing and machine condition monitoring has been developed in recent years to overcome the restrictions of wired data connections. Because of the constraints concerning power supply, most of these systems operate on batteries and transmit data over a short distance to a data logging station nearby. A challenging issue in wireless data transmission is to design for low power, less circuitry complexity, and high reliability.

A low power ,compact digital wireless data transmitter employing code division multiple access scheme has been introduced designed simulated, prototyped and bench tested in lab environment. The design provides a generic wireless solution for embedded sensing and measurement. Salient features of the transmitter include an interface to multiple sensors ,and sharing of the save data receiver by multiple transmitters. Using surface mount packaging ,all the components of the transmitter could be accommodated within an area of about half the size of credit card,making transmitter well suited for structural integration into machines. Since the components are all available in the form of ICdies, the entire design can be further miniaturized into a single hybrid chip.


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