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Saturday, 22 May 2010


Bio-metrics is modern security system. It uses a person’s biological features to give access rights. The biological features like finger print, voice print, iris pattern, face print, signature(dynamic), retina, hand geometry, ear form , DNA, odor, keyboard stroke, finger geometry, vein structure of back of hand etc. are used. So, in this any unauthorized person cannot trap the information or assets. Today, to prevent illegal operations this technique is widely used. It is a user-friendly technique, which is accepted by almost all fields.

The problem of the personal identification has become a great matter in today’s world. Biometrics, which means biological features based identity recognition, has provided a convenient and reliable solution to this problem. This recognition technology is relatively new with many significant advantages, such as speed, accuracy, hardware, simplicity and applicability

Biometrics is a means of identifying a person by measuring a particular physical or behavioral characteristic and later comparing it to a library of characteristics belonging to many people. Biometric systems have two advantages over traditional ID methods. First, the person to be identified does not have to present anything but himself. Second, the critical variable for identification cannot be lost or forged. Retinal identification is the most accurate of the biometric methods used at this time. It will replace traditional ID methods such as P.I.N. numbers for accessing A.T.M.s and virtually every other electronic device used for conducting business where identification is a requirement and prerequisite.


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