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Monday, 15 February 2010

Heart Beat Monitor

Heart Beat Monitor

What does the heart rate signify? It’ s awindow into your muscles and lungs; it reveals hard they are working. Your heart pounds to pump oxygen-rich blood to your muscles and tocarry cell waste products away from your muscles. The more you demand of your muscles, the harder your heart has to work to perform these tasks. That means your heart must beat faster to deliver more blood. The heart rate gives a good indication during exercise routines of how effective that routine is improving your health. Once only used by elite athletes, heart rate monitors are now becoming an essential tool for everyone from the casual athlete to the personal trainer. Heart monitors provide an easy and scientific measure of the effort you are putting into your workouts. A heart rate monitor is simply a device that takes a sample of heartbeats and computes the beats per minute so that the information can easily be used to track heart condition. Current technology consists of optical and electrical monitors. The electrical method provides a bulky strap around one’ s chest. The optical method does not require the strap and can be used more conveniently than the electrical method.


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