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Monday, 15 February 2010

Radio Controlled Combat Robot

Combat robot receiver block

We cannot forget 9/11 when 101 people including nine foreigners and 14 policemen have lost their lives while about 300 people were injured in the worst terror attack seen in the country in which desperate men fired indiscriminately at people. Being an ex– defense person , my blood was boiling as our brave solders were fighting the militants to free all the hostages from Mumbai hotels. It struck an idea in my mind, why cant we make a robot to tackle such type of situation.

This combat robot is an improved version of my previous robot which I designed years ago named SPY ROBOT.

Out new Combat robot is radio operated , it has got two barrel turret through bullet can be fired, radio camera in synchronization with the turret can rotate up and down ,left and right up to a safe firing limit. turret and camera mechanism has been installed on my previous spy robot vehicle, which has all the function like tank, Turing to any angle on its axis, moving forward and reverse turning left and right, running instantly into reverse direction.

This robot is radio operated , self powered , and has all the controls like a normal car. A pair of laser gun has been installed on it, so that it can fire on enemy remotely when required, this is not possible until a wireless camera is installed. Wireless camera will send real time video and audio signals which could be seen on a remote monitor and action can be taken accordingly. It can silently enter into enemy area and send us all the information through its’ tiny camera eyes. It is designed for, fighting as well as suicide attack.

Heart of our robo is intel’most power family of microcontroller 8051,we are using at89c2051 Two microcontrollers ic2 is first microcontroller which acts as master controller ,decodes all the commands received from the transmitter and give commands to slave microcontroller1 ic3,and slave2 ic5. Slave microcontrollers are responsible for executing all the commands received from the master and also generating pwm pulses for the speed control . Ic4 is ld293 motor driver ic which drives two nos motors m1 and m2.these two motors are vehicle driver motors. Slave2 microcontroller controls the gun and camera movements in up/down ,left or right direction. Ic6 is driver ic which drives gun and camera motors in two angles.


a. moves in forward direction

b. moves in reverse direction,

c. speed controls in both the direction

d. it can even turn left or right while moving forward or in reverse direction.

e. Instant reverse or forward running without stopping

On the spot left or right turn to pass through the nerrow space

f. We have also added head light, back light.and turing lights to left a right . These lights automatically comes on while robo is in Movement.


This robo is same as line follower robot except it will follow the I/R it will follow the I/R to left, right or front.


Power house monitoring is done on the receiver part fitted with lcd.Following parameters monitored are ,high voltage,over load, no-voltage or temperature high.,these paremeters are transmitted by transmitter .audio and visual alarm comes on both the places ,alarms have to be reset from both the places.receiver will also display the alarming condition.these conditions also logged on to pc through serial port.

Heart Beat Monitor

Heart Beat Monitor

What does the heart rate signify? It’ s awindow into your muscles and lungs; it reveals hard they are working. Your heart pounds to pump oxygen-rich blood to your muscles and tocarry cell waste products away from your muscles. The more you demand of your muscles, the harder your heart has to work to perform these tasks. That means your heart must beat faster to deliver more blood. The heart rate gives a good indication during exercise routines of how effective that routine is improving your health. Once only used by elite athletes, heart rate monitors are now becoming an essential tool for everyone from the casual athlete to the personal trainer. Heart monitors provide an easy and scientific measure of the effort you are putting into your workouts. A heart rate monitor is simply a device that takes a sample of heartbeats and computes the beats per minute so that the information can easily be used to track heart condition. Current technology consists of optical and electrical monitors. The electrical method provides a bulky strap around one’ s chest. The optical method does not require the strap and can be used more conveniently than the electrical method.


Application area: the project can be used for various application wherever you require control using pc. 1 hotel power management 2.street light management 3.home automation 4.load shedding 5. High voltage grid control 6. Industrial automation 7.electro,hydrolic and pneumatic valve control 8. Robotic control and many more All the above operation are possile from the ibm pc through com port.User can control the devices using one of the following ways

1. Direct from pc using hyperterminal, 2. Dialup network 3. Internet, using web applications 4. Through s.m.s.

Turck Gen. 2 AS-i Safety Gateways by Bihl+Wiedeman...

TURCK announces new Gen. 2 AS-interface ® (AS-i) safety gateways manufactured by Bihl+Wiedemann and distributed by TURCK in the United States. The new gateways integrate AS-i safety monitors and slaves, allowing two safety at work networks and up to 16 release circuits to be monitored through a single gateway. Now, two independent AS-i networks can be powered by a single power supply, providing diagnostic data to the higher level controller and eliminating the cost associated with additional power supplies and gateways.

Bihl+Wiedemann AS-i masters monitor duplicate address detection, ground faults, EMC levels, error counter, emergency stop, safety light barriers – and more. The safety products are available with relay or electronic outputs with expanded programming that allows up to 256 functions without increasing the response time. Up to 31 Safety at Work networks can be easily linked and started together.

The Gen. 2 gateways are available for EtherNet/IP, ModbusTCP, PROFINET, PROFIBUS-DP and EtherCAT, providing the user with detailed diagnostic data and system status through the display and through the host network, and include a removable memory card that stores up to four ASIMON software programs where basic characteristics may be added