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Friday, 13 March 2009

Three Phase Voltage Regulator - SFR

A Siemens Commitment to Training, Service and Quality

Customers tell us that our service and training enjoy a reputation for quality and innovation. Since its inception in the early sixties, Siemens "College of Knowledge" has schooled thousands of regulator users in intensive training sessions. Other training sessions at customers' sites from a day to a week long have expanded our program even further. In an era when most manufacturers are reducing training and curtailing service budgets, Siemens is unique in its continuing commitment.

We back up this broad customer training program with a highly qualified direct sales force and network of experienced manufacturer's representatives.

At the factory, we maintain a master component index that cross-references regulator serial numbers and their individual part numbers. This index, the largest collection of regulator data ever published, is available to customers.



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