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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Parking Radar

Presented now is a little unit that is both inexpensive and easily fitted to any car and should help to prevent expensive mishaps. The unit uses ultrasonics to determine the distance to an obstruction, the presence of which is indicated initially by an L.E.D. As the distance is reduced, a sounder emits a tone that rises in pitch to give a rough indication of the distance before impact.

As well as its intended use, this unit could also be suitable for a blind or partially sighted person to indicate the presence of obstacles in their path. All radars operate on more or less the same principle – a signal is transmitted which bounces back from the target to a receiver, which measures the time taken for the echo to return. For long distance radar, radio frequency signals are used, but for short range applications (up to a few tens of metres) ultrasonics offer a simpler method.


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